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Animal Portraits 



Early in her career and when not swimming in water and dolphin shows, Wendy worked as a portrait artist.  She doesn't have a lot of time  for art work now, but the right subject may entice her.  The last few portraits have included children with their pets. 

Several of these portraits were done in the 70's, and the signature says "Wendy Swanson", her maiden name.

All of these portraits were done in pastel on velour paper.

For each art work, Wendy  meets the subject, then photographs extensively.  She works from the photos and  does one final sitting in person to complete the painting.

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Children with pets may be 
Wendy's next preferred subjects.

The soul of the animal
is in the eyes.


Wendy has been commissioned for pet portraits of all kinds, including horses, birds, and even chimpanzes.  



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