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Phone: 951 926-2277 

 P.O. Box 730, Hemet, CA 92546 


Train your dog, bird, or cat with gentle and effective methods.

Wendy Jeffries has 35 years
 of animal training experience.  She can help you with your problem pet!

  Group dog classes, puppy classes and private sessions are available in Riverside County, California


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Cat training is easy with clicker and treats. They will surprise you with their intelligence!  
See Wendy's
cat training page.

Dogs of any breed become enthusiastic partners in training with Wendy's methods.
dog training page.

Teaching parrots to do tricks helps tame them and improves their behavior without risking a bite.
bird training page.

Wendy's training scrapbook highlights her 30+ years of working with all species of animals. 


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